Saturday, April 21, 2018

Linda Blomqvist: The Sound Unplugged - An interactive installation // Benjamin Vandewalle: Walking the Line // Eleanor Bauer

Benjamin Vandewalle: Walking the Line - a choreographed walk @venue: gathering outside Scenkonstmseet, 11.00 h, 14.00 h, 18.00 h
Eleanor Bauer: Proto Talks, 16,00 h
Linda Blomqvist: The Sound Unplugged - An interactive installation @venue: Danscentrum, 20.30 - 00.00 h

Linda Blomqvist: The Sound Unplugged - An interactive installation

A love letter to the performance

'Falling in' in songs with a taste of amusing and beautiful innocence. 
I have chosen the best seat, the one on 
furthest from
the door, 
next to the big pink tablecloth - I searched spacial
- to be close.  
sharing the space of Rare Silk - "Storm" (1985): with sounds of a
Some other bell traces of the
 - such a
(Urban dictionary: used reference a good song; to say that a song is really good)
to change dynamics and go straight to the
Alessi Brothers - "Do you feel it?" (1976)
and in this loving ship to
"Spaceship Lover" - Paul ST. John
Captured by the dance of the three, then
Awakens our senses, makes us
practicing listening to their Midori Takada: Lovesong of Urfa
the immersive sound: 'made by' and 'made up'
takes the space, washes it, with a siren call, a bonhomie of
A choir of three, then
it makes our senses
and then
back, to its end. 
...I wasn't prepared for an end. it did end suddenly...

Benjamin Vandewalle: Walking the Line
I didn't manage to come to Benjamin Vanderwalle's performance, followed by Eleonor Bauer's Proto Talks. I know Benjamin's work from before. Very persistent in changing perspectives of the viewer and those who practice the craft of walking with his instruments :)

I bumped on this:
Kafka's periscope, kind of double perception: in facebook projection of the reality.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

WORK IN PROGRESS: Robin Jonsson: The most human @ venue: Scenkonstmuseet

WORK IN PROGRESS: Robin Jonsson: The most human @venue: Scenkonstmuseet,18.00 

#technology and body
#everyday movement

Affect of the robot and our positioning. 
'It' was small - so we laughed when 'it' talked. 
It was humanoid, and we watched through human eyes. I was thinking how else? To see it as a metal and plastic that moves through digital configuration. Then there was a mistake and humans were dealing with it. :) 

Thinking about future, this performance makes me think in the future tense. We do talk more about robots. 

I watched a video suggesting how we are going to be ruled by robots and machines and that we should learn more and more what they can't do and that is emotional intelligence, intuition (algorithm:). Dance is a good start. 

Very innocent. I am not sure what was there going on, copying and showing what robot can do similar (sorry I was late, sitting in a backspace so couldn't see properly)... or what one cannot do and another can. And how sweet is that to 'us' (i think it was the size of the robot, in that sense power-less :)  

I had few of these on my mind:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Samira Elagoz: Cock, cock, who's there? & Eleanor Bauer: 'Proto Talks'

Samira Elagoz: Cock, cock, who's there? @ venue: Scenkonstmuseet, 19.30 h
talk after the performance: Eleanor Bauer: 'Proto Talks'

I would rather concentrate on a Proto Talk than the performance itself. I have seen Samira's performance three times and I have heard her talking about it in one of the after talks in Brussels this year. To listen to Samira Elagoz and to see such a defensive mode, but precise speech in 'Proto Talk' is something valuable to mention. Just to start with a subject: rape as a motive for a research on relationships and life itself: it is responsible, brave, self-reflective, it needs kind of detachment to own self and constant observation of the self and the world. "Living the art (of life)".

The 'Proto Talk' has specificity to open up, something that we usually don't talk about in this sort of after-performative-spaces. I will quote the author: "...a replacement for the conventional after-talk. [...] Talks depart from what the artist doesn't know for sure, making public discourse and shared imagination out of nascent ideas that are usually reserved for notebooks, dreams, or conversation with cohorts."
The talk was after the performance. With the fact that it was just fifteen minutes - after very strong and emotionally filled performance, suggests again new openness of the author and audience. Eleanor Bauer is very cleverly doing this, but still, it caused us a lot of (emotional) struggle to listen (talking about myself). 

                                photo credit: Hedda Axelsson

The talks, after the talk after the performance, were still loaded with the bunch of opinions, many many different opinions. Great! I will come back to the Samira's posture and defensive mode (my apologies for interpretation), but I still think it needs a lot of courage to talk in this kind of over-open-mode, about already so loaded performance that opens not just research of the author, but her intimate experience, current life, her body, her presence... (fact that the boyfriend is in a backstage, also included in the project, in the movie, etc.) So, while Eleanor wanted to know much more about the Samira's ways of dealing with the life vs. project, it becomes too much to handle. 

There was so interesting information that Samira shared in the talk (how much more?), like she has a  father (present in a video material) being a 'bizarre person' (with a positive connotation) and she had to get used to his system of thinking and living, therefore she approaches to the life more open, with not condemning view. Beautiful... 

"I have strangers sometimes having a comment like: oh they are weirdos" and I never experienced that! I think my father, I lived with my father and he is a very... bizarre person. i am not... everybody wants... don't want to be weird... but him... he is a person who is actually weird (in one breath) which means you have your own logic and you don't play with others people logic. and I lived with him for many years and I had to relearn how to cope with him and afterward, I lived with him I don't find anyone's way of living weird. and i never say..." (typed audio recording from Proto talk) 

Autobiographical work that I am also as an artist interested in, or living it, makes a living kind of laboratory-like study. The reflective mode that this kind of artist is living can be exciting and at the same time distanced. The distance created as a work-process makes life-love-art so present, more present than 'presence' itself. (while talking about present in a buddistic approaches in the workshop of the festival placed in a modern museum:)
So, I am coming to the conclusion about Samiras' body posture of defense in a talk: it is appropriate, it is great, it is over-normal to finally say stop to interweaving that fragile space of the individual (an artist). I have to add to this: there was a guy in the audience, proposing EVEN more intimacy, not really caring for the process itself, nor the artist (wtf?). "I can shut up..." he said, then somebody next to me said: "yea, maybe!" - well... I will stop here. It is a display from now on... 

My apologies for interpretation and loaded text (excuse goes above the fact that this is a blog - consciously or unconsciously, space of esthetically specific public share of thoughts). Thank you! the author. 

#control - measured experiment
#rape as catalyst
#after talk
#art equal to life 
#<3 (the second day of the performance): She made us leap to our feet! Standing ovation in the audience space: mostly dancers and performers stood up and clapped to Samira Elagoz. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dana Caspersen in collaboration with the Michael Douglas Kollektiv: The Exchange

Dana Caspersen in collaboration with the Michael Douglas Kollektiv: The Exchange @ venue: Scenkonstmuseet, 19.00 h

There was a kind of thread of exchange through the whole evening. If it started with a conversation on a stage, it ended in a bar: the subject of social choreography was very contagious. At the performance I have met Ellen, a dancer and a writer for Labo* festival. We got instructed to talk about violence. While exchanging some personal stories she said she is vegetarian going to become vegan, because of underlayerd violence in the animal industry. I talked about the war that happened in Yugoslavia twenty three years ago. This is the performance in which protagonist is an audience, executing tasks with given instructions. What we create here and what kind of conversations we have is up to us. Speech and movement as tools of performance had kind of an educational note. The practice of talking about violence makes violence present as a display. While listing examples and our reactions towards it we are shaping and gradually molding the perception we have had before we entered this space. This is a performative space and we are aware of the statements we are making here, we are aware that we are observed by others. I think with repetition of this kind of actions we could become pretty clear how we are influencing and are influenced throughout everyday life - how we could launch a change we are constantly talking about.

So when I am saying: the thread of conversation just continued, it did transform from the subject of violence and then to conversation about our work and how relative it is.
I continued to talk with Ellen on the way to the Story Hotel, a meeting point of the festival. She is writing also for the Labo*, but kind of overview and reflection. Tomorrow I am going to record our discussion about performances 'to be seen'. I am looking forward to that!

After Ellen left home I have joined Michael Douglas Kollektiv, a familiar faces from Cologne.  <3

I walked back with Dana Caspersen to our apartments, which are some 300m from the Scentkonstmuseet and Story Hotel bar. It is such a pity I still talked about my impressions in the world influenced by performance "The exchange". I should have wait for her to say a bit more about whatever she wanted to share! I even forgot about my role as a made-up-blogger. Probably I was influenced by the subtle attempt to change the world. I am not sure if I can write here what is her next subject, but it is pretty risky theme in its context. We should often or at least sometimes take risks and make an influence. There was a workshop led by Dana Caspersen. I didn't participate.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Nobel museum

Sightseeing in Stockholm: visiting Nobel museum, appropriate to the news published just a week ago: Nobel Scandal in Stockholm.

Subjects that we are talking about on the festival are of a big importance: women specifically, gender, transgender, queer space, transindividuality, techno-body, social influence, violence, racism, etc.(some of the terms are my interpretation). 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sleeping Sunday in Stockholm.
After some drinks in Story Hotel, Festival's Hot Spot.
The only movement i did today, appropriate to the festival of dance:


Karlplan 13, 115 20 Stockholm 08ß54585980 556677ß7008
Säljare: 115   Kassa: 03  Nr: 1271
Datum: 2018-04-15     Tid: 17:41
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Bite Size Brownies              14,90
Breton sesam                       12,00
Chokladkaka sea sa             19,90
Cr cheese nat 23%               15,90
Grekisk olivolja E                57,90
Hallonamarmelad                 25,90
ICA L. fri M.mjölk              15,90
ICA Tagliatelle                     14,90
Krossade tomater                    9,90
          0,305kg*12,90Kr/kg    3,93
Rucola                                  19,90
Skaldjursmix                        49,90
Smör normalsalatat              28,90
         0,250kg*29,90Kr/kg     7,48
Ägg bruna M/L 10p              25,90
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Total                             323,21 Kr

Moms%   Moms    Netto     Brutto
12,00       34,62    288,59    323,21

Mottaget  Kontrokort          323,21
Term:10984-012280             SWE:2868313
Maestro    ***************5014
15/04/201817:42    AID:A0000000043060
                                                                   TVR: 0000001000 TSI:E800
                                                                   Ref: 303246330188 224     Rsp:00 433024 
Personlig kod                                 

                                                      Köp                  323,21                  
                                                      Varav moms      34,62                
                                                      Totalt SEK       323,21
Spara kvittot                                  
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

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